The Mechatronics Innovation and Learning Lab (aka “The MILL”) is a unique advanced manufacturing makerspace housed in the basement of the University of Virginia’s Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Building. In it, you will find state-of-the-art equipment such as a heavily customized Shopbot PRSalpha 96-48-8 giant CNC router, a modified Roland MDX-650 CNC router, a Haas Office Mill metal-cutting CNC machine, a Universal Laser PLS 6.75 75W laser cutter, and a Paragon Iguana Cone 10 electric kiln (used mostly for investment casting metal parts from 3D-printed ones). There is also a myriad of woodworking tools such as a 5hp SawStop tablesaw, an Excalibur scroll saw, a Powermatic belt/disk sander, a Rikon 14in bandsaw, and a variable-speed Powermatic drill press. A UR10 Universal Robot has also recently been added to enhance our advanced manufacturing capabilities

This lab space also currently serves as the headquarters of UVA’s 3D Printing Club. Among the many 3D printers that they maintain, there is a Taz 6 (with flexible and dual extrusion capabilities), a Prusa i3 MK3 (which can print with four materials at a time), and a Formlabs Form 1 photopolymer resin printer.  For more information about the 3D Printing Club contact our president Peter Gunnerson (